Our parks are more than just scenic spaces. For anyone who enjoys the outdoors, it is probably no surprise that walking in nature improves mental well-being. Studies have shown that spending time in Natural Areas relieves stress and strengthens relationships.

Arts on the Trails

You never know what you may discover along our trails. Through the Arts on the Trails program, local artists have created beautiful works of art using materials found along nature trails.

Art & Music

Art and music have many positive health benefits for children and adults of all ages. We offer classes and programs in visual arts, performing arts, music and dance throughout Prince George's County.
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Therapeutic Sensory Room

Our Therapeutic Sensory Room at the South Bowie Community Center helps kids regulate emotions with lights and sounds that help stimulate the senses. Usually found only in therapeutic environments, this room is available for rent to all kids no matter where they live. Parents just need to reserve the room ahead of time.

Disability Services

We offer programs and services to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities who are residents of Prince George's County. Residents of Prince Georges County may qualify for fee assistance.