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About Harmony Hall

Office Hours:  Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, CLOSED Saturdays & Sundays
Box Office Hours:  Monday thru Friday 9 am - 4:30 pm, and one hour before curtain.

Harmony Hall Regional Center Arts/Harmony Regional Center, located in the historic Broad Creek Historic District of Fort Washington, Maryland, sits adjacent to Harmony Hall, one of the ancestral homes of the Magruder family, having been purchased by Enoch Magruder in 1769, and lived in by him until his death in 1785. In 1792, the home was rented for a year to Walter Dulany Addison and his bride, who was so happy there that she named it “Harmony Hall,” a name that has clung to it since.

In the mid-1980’s, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission purchased the Harmony Hall Elementary School, which was built adjacent to the historic mansion. The purpose of the purchase was two-fold: to bring both a community center and an arts center to the southern portion of Prince George’s County.

After much renovation, Arts/Harmony Hall Regional Center was opened in September of 1989, a facility that houses a variety of activities providing family oriented, arts activities. The arts center provides extensive, in-depth programs for children and adults, building audiences for the future. The facility boasts classrooms/studios for painting and drawing, ceramics and sculpture, arts and crafts, a dance studio, a drama classroom, and a complete photography studio. Classes are offered in painting, drawing, water color, ceramics, sculpture, adult drama, creative dramatics, African Dance, Belly Dancing, ballet for adults and children, class voice and both B/W and digital photography.

The John Addison Concert Hall, named after the Addison family of the Harmony Hall Mansion, is a European-style concert hall. The hall seats 209 patrons and is equipped with a stage-light system and a digital sound system. Throughout the past 20 years the hall has hosted music concerts of all styles, from classical to jazz, from swing to doo-wop, and from R&B to funk.

In addition to performing arts programs, Arts/Harmony Hall has five working gallery spaces.

The Art Gallery, with over 200 linear feet of wall space, is the main focal point of all five spaces. This gallery was specifically designed as a fine art exhibit space and allows for a variety of sizes and media to be exhibited successfully. It is equipped with track lighting and a separate climate control  system as well as covered pedestals for 3 dimensional work. 

The following four spaces are typically used for student or community exhibitions.

        The Livingston Gallery has 75ft of carpeted wall space as well as track lighting.

        The Entrance Gallery has 35ft of carpeted wall space with track lighting.
It can also accommodate pedestals.

        The Foyer Gallery has 45ft of carpeted wall space with track lighting and an additional 25ft of 
wall space with mixed lighting.

        The Recreation Gallery has 65ft of carpeted wall space with fluorescent lighting.

Harmony Hall Regional Center
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