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Event Checklist



To ensure our patrons and visitors have the most exciting and rewarding experience when they come to Arts/Harmony Hall, we are sharing with you a checklist and guide to the perfect experience. 

Theatre Etiquette 

Theatre Etiquette is described as the behavior that is considered appropriate and polite while enjoying a live performance. Proper etiquette shows respect for the performers. 

Teachers and parents, please review these rules of theatre etiquette with your young people. Discuss with them the differences between performances done on television versus live performances.

Below are guidelines for acceptable behaviors expected from audience members: 

      Arrive on time! Otherwise, you may miss an important part of the performance.
      Starting September 2017, tickets will be assigned seating, from #1 - #220.
      Plan to arrive 30 to 40 minutes before the start of the performance. This will give you plenty of time to be seated and allow for bathroom visits before the show. 
      In the event of late arrival, an usher will seat your group during an appropriate time of the performance. 
      Please insist that your students stay seated during the performance. Restroom privileges should be taken only during appropriate breaks with a proper chaperone(s) to accompany underage children. 
      Only enter and exit the theatre between musical pieces/scenes. 
      When returning, please wait at the rear of the Arts/Harmony Hall until the scene ends before taking your seats. 
      Please avoid talking and moving around during performances. 
      Talking, screaming, or moving may cause a distraction for the performers and will disturb other audience members. If talking or screaming continues, you will be asked to leave the auditorium. 
      Please remember to turn your cell phones off. 
      Please remember seats in the theatre are only for sitting. 
      Refrain from kicking, bouncing, standing or putting feet on the seats. 
      Absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in the seating area. 
      Performances may not and shall not be recorded. 
      Cameras and video equipment are prohibited in the theatre. 
      Applaud and cheer at the end – actors enjoy knowing you had a good time at the performance!
      Please contact the Arts office at 301-203-6070 with any wheelchair/special seating requirements ASAP. 
      No exchanges or refunds will be given for tickets already purchased, that includes but is not limited to deposits made for groups. 
      Regretfully, we do not have interior space to accommodate lunch; however, there are shaded grassy areas on the grounds that may be used. 
      Make sure you have reserved the correct amount of tickets! There is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate additional patrons the day of the performance. 
      Typically, a show can run from 45 to 90 minutes without intermissions. 
      You must have a ticket to enter the theatre. 
      Latecomers may be asked to wait until an appropriate time before being seated.