Museum-Based Educational Programs

Program Logistics

  • Wednesday–Friday (depending on availability)
  • $1 per student
  • Maximum 30 students*
  • 2 free teachers/chaperones per 15 students
  • $4 per additional chaperone
  • Surratt House Museum includes historic house, visitor center, museum shop and open-air picnic tables. Educational programs last approximately one hour.
*Arrangements can be made for larger groups

Select an Education Program

Daily Life of the Surratt Family

Recommended for K- 3rd grades: What was Mary Surratt's everyday life really like? Is it dramatically different than our lives today? Students will learn about the day-to-day life of those who lived on the Surratt property, including Mary Surratt, her family and the enslaved people. During this guided tour of the Surratt house, the program addresses the Surratt family business, social customs and work inside the home.

Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum

  • Acquire new vocabulary through listening
  • Recall and discuss what they understand
  • Identify and question what did not make sense
  • Describe how the community has changed over time and how people have contributed to its change
  • Examine differences between past and present time
  • Describe people, places and artifacts of today and long ago

Mary Surratt: Guilty or Innocent?

Recommended for 4th-12th grades: Was Mary Surratt innocent or guilty? That is the central question at the Surratt House Museum. Students will learn the chronology of events that led to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the evidence and testimony that ultimately found Mrs. Surratt and 7 others guilty of conspiracy. During this guided tour of the information, state a clear opinion on the guilt or innocence of Mary Surratt and be able to support that position.

Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum

  • Students will acquire new vocabulary
  • Identify key facts
  • Summarize the main points of an issue explaining different viewpoints
  • Make a decision based on the analysis of issues
  • Identify and formulate a position on a course of action or an issue.