Placemaking Section

The Placemaking Section collaborates with communities and government agencies to rethink and rebuild public spaces in Prince George’s County. This work is achieved through:

  • Technical assistance to organizations and agencies developing public spaces;
  • Community outreach to solicit input on public spaces and placemaking in the County; 
  • Evaluation of plans and policies to assess progress towards meeting goals; and
  • Administering initiatives and programs that implement policies in places.

Our work is centered on placemaking, a set of practices that develops public space and a sense of identity in a place.

The Section focuses on three programs:

You can learn more on the pages for each project. 

Ongoing Projects

Countywide Wayfinding Study

Largo Wayfinding, Branding, and Placemaking Strategy

Takoma Langley Crossroads Parking Study

Takoma Langley Crossroads Planning and Implementation Study

Completed Projects

Westphalia/Urban Land Institute-Washington (ULI Washington) Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) and Urban Plan