Final Plat

Final Plats are the final detailed drawings (to scale) of a tract of land, depicting the proposed division of the tract into lots or parcels, blocks, streets, or other areas within a proposed subdivision. Final Plats include all pertinent engineering data necessary to locate every street, lot, block, and boundary line on the ground. Final Plats must conform with the approved Preliminary Plan of Subdivision and Detailed Site Plan, if applicable.

Construction SiteSubdivision and Development Review Committee (SDRC):  Final Plats are not reviewed at an SDRC meeting unless there is an associated variation request. Final Plats without variation requests may be referred to the SDRC at the discretion of the Subdivision Section Supervisor or at the request of the applicant.

Decision-Making Body: Final plats for minor subdivisions and plats filed optionally or those exempt from the filing of a Preliminary Plan of Subdivision are acted upon by the Planning Director. Final plats for major subdivisions and those with accompanying variation requests are acted upon by the Planning Board at regularly scheduled meetings but advertised public hearings and preapplication notices are not required.

Fees:  $750 per plat

Public Notice Requirement:  None

Estimated Review Time:  Plats are reviewed by staff for accuracy and completeness prior to being accepted. Under the current Subdivision Regulations, once accepted, final plats eligible for Planning Director approval are acted upon by the Planning Director within 20 calendar days, and those approvable by the Planning Board are acted upon within 30 calendar days.

Under the new Subdivision Regulations, accepted final plats acted upon by the Planning Director are reviewed within 45 calendar days and those acted upon by the Planning Board are reviewed within 45 calendar days.


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