Special Permit (SP)

Special Permits (SP) establish a review process for certain uses that have greater impacts in various zoning districts such as U-L-I and M-U-TC.

SAARCConstruction BuildingPre-Application Conference: Optional

Pre-Application Neighborhood Meeting: Optional

Subdivision and Development Review Committee (SDRC): Special Permit applications may be referred to the SDRC, at the discretion of the Zoning Section Supervisor or at the request of the applicant.

Decision Maker: Special Permits are ruled upon by the Planning Board.

Fees: $100

Public Notice Requirement: The Planning Board shall give written notice of its decision to all persons of record and to the District Council.

Estimated Review Time: Planning Board to review within 45 days of acceptance.


Fill out this application form and email the PDF along with required submission materials to DRDApplications@ppd.mncppc.org.

Important and Required Documents

Application Forms and Filing Instructions

Fee Information

Relevant Development Review Bulletins

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