Who do I contact for help?

To provide better customer service, the Department of Parks and Recreation has established the following service areas, which include staff from the Disability Services Team (DST). All staff can be reached via MD Relay: 7-1-1 or 800-522-7724.

Northern Area Office / 1500 Merrimac Drive / Hyattsville, MD 20783 / 

301-408-4350 Northern.Inclusion@pgparks.com

Central Area Annex / 2904 Enterprise Road / Mitchellville, MD 20721 

301-249-7200 Central.lnclusion@pgparks.com

Southern Area Office/ 10701 Livingston Road / Fort Washington, MD 20744

301-203-6000 Southern.Inclusion@pgparks.com

Special Programs Office / 7833 Walker Drive, Suite 110 / Greenbelt, MD 20770 

301-446-3400 Program.Access@pgparks.com

Reach the Customer Service Help Desk via TTY at 301-699-2254 and they will connect area staff with questions as needed.

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