Event Information

Juneteenth 2024

Age: All ages

Event Programs & Series: Arts Juneteenth Watkins Regional Park

Come celebrate Juneteenth!

Join us at Watkins Regional Park for a day filled with creativity and inspiration. Celebrate African American history, culture, and achievement. Enjoy a festival of food, local artists and artisans, and live music. Bring your family and friends for an afternoon of celebration!

<strong> Entertainment </strong>
Chuck Brown Band

Chuck Brown Band

Brencore Allstars

Brencore Allstars

Trouble Funk

Trouble Funk

Luther ReLives

Luther ReLives

Chuck Brown Band

“The Godfather of Go Go,” Chuck Brown, is the undisputed sole founder and creator of Go-Go music, a hypnotically danceable genre deeply rooted in funk and soul that he developed in the early 70’s and the only form of expressive culture to originate in the District of Columbia.  Foreshadowing many of the major popular R&B styles of the past three decades, Chuck’s signature style earned him a place in American musical royalty.  This esteem was maintained by the reputation of his legendary live shows, heavy on audience participation and built around “the beat” to create an unparalleled non-stop party atmosphere.

The Chuck Brown Band continues the legacy of a local cultural icon, the undisputed “Godfather of Go Go”, Chuck Brown.  For over 50 years, Chuck Brown and his band have been releasing music to critical acclaim. In 2005, he received the National Endowment for the Arts’ highest honor, the National Heritage Fellowship and was nominated for his first Grammy in 2011. Unfortunately, Chuck Brown passed in 2012, but his band continues to play, honoring the local legend and ensuring that Go Go lives on.

Big Tony and Trouble Funk

Big Tony and Trouble Funk have served as ambassadors for DC’s Go-Go music for over 45 years, with performances nationally and internationally. The band formed as Trouble Funk in 1978, and the lineup consisted of bassist and vocalist Big Tony Fisher, keyboard and vocalist Robert Reed, trombonist Gerald Reed, drummer and vocalist Emmet Nixon, percussionists Mack Carey and Timothius Davis, guitarist Chester Davis, trumpeter and vocals Taylor Reed, keyboard player James Avery, and saxophonist David Rudd. The group earned a loyal fan base for their notoriously can’t-miss live performances of their funky-innovative sound, organized around audience participation along with call and response.

Big Tony and Trouble Funk have toured the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan, performing with artists such as Foo Fighters, Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Los Lobos, UB40, James Brown, War, Elvis Costello, Big Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fishbone, Minor Threat, LL Cool J, and many others. Most notably, Big Tony and Trouble Funk performed with Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. for “Taking The Stage,” celebrating the opening of the National African American Museum of History and Culture, hosted by Oprah Winfrey and attended by President Barack Obama and other dignitaries. They also performed at Madison Square Garden with UB40, RFK Stadium, co-headlined at the Cal Jam in California with the Foo Fighters, and at the Merriweather Post Pavilion with Snoop Dogg and Wu-Tang Clan. Today, Big Tony and Trouble Funk continue to remain a force on the music scene and continue to create new music with their unique and innovative style, as one of the major pioneers of the Go-Go culture.

Brencore Allstars Band

The BRENCORE ALLSTARS BAND is a tremendously talented 8 to 14-piece musical anomaly from Washington, DC comprised of music dynamo’s that bring a depth, richness and appreciation to all audiences.

The variety and range of songs performed in a series of medleys and powerhouse songs will have you singing and dancing to your favorite songs all night long. The BRENCORE ALLSTARS Band has performed many Tributes and has sold out many venues such as The Historic Howard Theatre, The Carlyle Club, The Roanoke Rapids Theatre, The Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club with plans to showcase the musical genius of the BRENCORE ALLSTARS in many more locales

The delivery, the energy and the powerful voices of the BRENCORE ALLSTARS Band never disappoints. Diverse audiences from 300 miles in any direction around and near Washington, DC area have snapped their fingers, tapped their toes and been musically transported to a time when the music of the some of the greatest artists graced the stage and wooed audiences across the globe!

Luther ReLives featuring William “Smooth” Wardlaw

Luther ReLives brings to life the great love ballads of the legendary Luther Vandross. If you haven’t experienced Luther ReLives, you are missing out on an electrifying experience.  
Smooth, and the band deliver high energy and showmanship to the stage, making you walk away wanting more. Ask anyone who has been to a show or read the reviews. You will have a great time! 

<strong> Entertainment </strong>

More information on the 2024 activities coming soon. Potential and past activities include: 

History Experiences

  • Hands-on Activities
  • Immersive History
  • Live Demonstrations

Art Activities

Create your own work of art with Arts on a Roll!  

Arts on a Roll is M-NCPPC’s mobile art service, offering unique theatre, dance, music, and visual arts workshops for the young and young-at-heart!

Spray Paint Graffiti Wall Group Murals with artists from Words Beats and Life! 

About the organization: We are unapologetic advocates for the transformative power of Hip-Hop culture in all its forms, empowering artists to relentlessly create and refine systems that demonstrate positive change through our individual and collective brilliance. We embrace the sacred nature of our work and our roles as keepers and innovators of our culture. 

Move and express yourself with dancers from Taratibu Youth Association! 

About the organization: Taratibu Youth Organization provides transformative experiences through performing arts for the youth of the African Diaspora, cultivating socially responsible change agents within the Pan-African community and beyond. 

<strong>Artist Feature</strong>

More information about the 2024 line up coming soon. Past features include:

2024 Artist Feature

Jeffrey Felten-Green is a Cheverly, MD Artist, and Founder of “I DO MY THANG”. He has been painting since he was a child, growing up in the 1970s and the 1980s, in his hometown of Hartford, CT.

He was educated in fine arts through his college coursework at Eastern CT State and Central CT state universities and later finished his bachelor’s degree at Loyola University of Chicago in Communications, but never left the world of art. He continued to paint and create crafts that focus on, and pays homage to, Africa and African-American traditions.

Jeffrey Felten Greene’s paintings and crafts appeal to his own sensibility of what art is. Unfortunately, if he were to be forced to create a particular item or to create art in a particular mode, the magic would be lost for him.

Many of his ideas are satirical, playful and at times, serious. They are snapshots of everyday life, or a life he conceives within his imagination.

He loves bright colors, as well as to evoke a mood for the observer and to never tell the same story twice. He also does not believe in being restricted by labels, styles or methods.

Past Artists Include:

Arvid Lee

Arvid Lee has over 15 years of experience using different techniques to design, create and sell stained glass panels for homes and businesses. He strives to create the unpredictable and intriguing in his work and loves to use strong lines and thought-provoking color combinations to achieve edgy and inspiring stained-glass pieces. Influenced by the world around him, stained glass is like life, always moving, with changing hues and color values throughout the day, from dawn to dusk.

<strong>Participating Vendors</strong>

2024 Food Vendors

2024 Nonprofit Vendors

2024 Merchandise Vendors

2024 For-Profit Exhibitors

Past vendors include…

Food Vendors

  • Jammin’ Flava // 240.360.9084 
  • Happy Hippo, LLC // @happyhipposhavedice // 301.304.6640 
  • MarCello’s Grill // 240.271.0541 
  • Helping Hands // Leah4nurses@gmail.com // 240.593.7755 
  • Smoken Lo BBQ // 240.393.6691 
  • Lattimore’s Funnel Cake // 301.775.7371 
  • RTA Culinary Service // Rtalves1212@gmail.com // 757.447.1233 
  • The Tender Rib // 301.509.2904 
  • Dogs on the Curb // 202.256.6889 
  • Kona Ice of Calvert Co. // 443.432.8699 
  • JFY Carnival Creations // @jfycarnivalcreations // 301.440.9588 

Merchandise Vendors

  • Delkis Collections 
  • Authentic African Clothes/Screen Print 
  • Sweet Splendor Bath and Body 
  • Bath and Body Products 
  • Camella’s Kitchen 
  • Carribean Sauces 
  • Qualitees plus 
  • Dubo 
  • Tee Shirts 
  • Yortones Books 
  • Yoruba Sound Book for Children 
  • All Eyes on Me Eyewear 
  • Specialty Eyewear 
  • Bougie over Everything 
  • Calming Sense Bath and Body 
  • Bath and Body Products 
  • Karen’s Essentials 
  • Bath and Body Products

Non-Profit Vendors

  • The League of Women Voters of Prince George’s County 
  • Prince George’s County Memorial Library System 
  • Prince George’s County Truth Branch of ASALH 
  • Young Women of Society. Inc.